Goodbye Petroman

Petroman Training Institute traces its history back to the year 1977 when it started off as in-house human resources development division of State Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (PERAC) – a Federal Government undertaking, under the control of Ministry of Industries and Production – catering essentially to the training needs of the parent organization and its subsidiaries including National Refinery Limited (NRL).

Petroman was a professional institute whose primary objective was to develop, organize and conduct a range of carefully designed programs in the field of Computers, Engineering and Business. It branched-out into multi-disciplinary/multi-industrial fields and had covered its niche as a leader in the industrial training technology, not only in-terms of figures, but also because of its high quality of training, its dynamic strategy and its experiential training format.

Sadly it closed down…

Please share your thoughts and memories…

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  1. wpuser says:

    It was an honour and pride to be there in 1994

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